Field Trips Programme

Field Trips Programme

Ecocity World Summit / SASBE 2021
Field Trips Programme

– Field trips are offered on day 1 and 2 of the in-person conference in Rotterdam
– To join, participants can add their Field Trips choices during the registration process. If they have already registered, they have to contact:
– Each day there is a choice menu of three field trips, based on the way of transport.
– You can select one field trip per day.
– Space is limited in each workshop and it’s on a first comes, first served basis.


DAY 1, Monday, 27 September 2021

Field trip 1, walking tour: Thriving South

There was a time when Rotterdam South (south of the river Meuse) was an area that not many people wanted or dared to be, but over the last few decades this diverse and interesting part of the city has become a real magnet for lovers of architecture, culture and food. The Katendrecht peninsula has become a popular hangout and the Kop van Zuid is a little Manhattan in the river. This tour is guiding you along the hotspots of the area.

Visit the Zuidplein theatre (De Zwarte Hond architects), take the Zuidplein metro to Rijnhaven, walking the lively Katendrecht peninsula, visit the Fenix warehouse & apartment block (Mei Architects), walk through the food market and cross the bridge to the Kop van Zuid peninsula, visiting the Rotterdam building (OMA architects), passing the Erasmus Bridge, crossing the De Hef and Willemsbrug bridges over Noordereiland, ending at the Blue City best practice of circularity.

Fee: €20

Field trip 2, cycling tour: Heritage & Renewal

Rotterdam is a city of extremes: industrial and liveable, stony and green, business and culture, old and new. This cycle tour takes you from the south to the west of Rotterdam, along impressive architecture, amazing pieces of heritage and renewed neighbourhoods around the former industrial harbours, including green and blue solutions within the city.

Cycling through the impressive, monumental Maastunnel, viewing the Euromast and visiting OMA’s Museumpark with MVRDV’s shiny Boymans van Beuningen museum depot building on top of the underground water storage, then cycling the Muller pier and Schiehaven development area, visiting historic Delfshaven and tasting jenever (gin), cycling the Merwe-Vierhavens redevelopment area walk up onto the largest roof parks in Europe, visiting the renovated, award-winning Justus van Effen block and famous Bellamystraat water square, seeing the restored, award-winning Van Nelle factory.

Fee: €30

Field trip 3, bus tour: Building Against and With Nature

A large part of the Netherlands lies beneath sea level and the people of the lowlands have always had to fight against the menace of the sea, leading to incredible pieces of innovation along the coast. Recently, the fighting against has become working with nature, a much softer approach that combines knowledge of water management with the potential of natural restoration. This bus tour is taking you interesting examples thereof along the coast close to Rotterdam.

Visiting the dynamic Maeslant storm surge barrier, driving along the Nieuwe Waterweg connection to the North Sea, passing Hoek van Holland, visiting and walking the ‘sand engine’, a Building with Nature solution to defend the coast whilst creating a lot of merits, continuing through the glass city of the Westland horticultural area, visiting an innovative, sustainable greenhouse company, driving through the picturesque Midden-Delfland, back to Rotterdam.

Fee: €45

DAY 2, Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Field trip 4, walking tour: Architectural Highlights

If for one, Rotterdam has made its name by incredible projects of modern architecture, partly made possible through the WW2 bombardments. Holland’s most innovative architects hold office in Rotterdam and the host city honours these with wonderful architectural assignments. This tour is going to guide you along many of these masterpieces and world innovations.

Taking the Zuidplein metro to Blaak, visiting the Cube dwellings (architect: Piet Blom), the Markthal (architect: MVRDV), Scheepstimmerhuis (architect: OMA), the Lijnbaan, Dakakker Schieblok, Luchtsingel, the world famous Benthem water square, Central Station (architect: Benthem Crouwel), Kruisplein, taking the Metro to Eendrachtsplein, visiting the Boymans van Beuningen museum depot building (architect: MVRDV).

Fee: €30

Field trip 5, train & cycling tour: Historic and Modern Delft

Delft is much less known than Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden and The Hague, but it is arguably the prettiest of these historical cities, and next to the name giver of Delft Blue pottery, the Netherlands’ royal city as well. The founder of the nation, William of Orange, and members of the royal city lie buried in the ‘New Church’ of Delft. This tour takes you to Delft and its world-famous university, TU Delft, visiting its inspiring test ground for sustainability.

Taking the train from Rotterdam to Delft, visiting the new railway station, picking up bikes, cycling through the beautiful historic inner city, passing the Prinsenhof Museum, visiting the New Church (14th century), passing the Beestenmarkt square, continuing to the TU Delft campus, visiting The Green Village experimental area of TU Delft, beer tasting at the Koperen Kat brewery, returning to the station and Rotterdam.

Fee: €55

Field trip 6, bus tour: World of Contrasts

Once Rotterdam had the largest harbour in the world; now it’s still the largest one in Europe, accommodating incredible amounts of space for container transshipment, petrochemical industries and energy production. The Maashaven 2 area is 100% land claimed from the sea. The landscape almost comes across post-apocalyptic at a first glance but hides an almost serene beach and includes quite some ecologically valuable area. This bus tour will take you there and also visit the famous historical town of Brielle.

Bus tour along Europe’s largest harbour of Rotterdam (Waalhaven, Eemhaven, Pernis, Botlek, Rozenburg, Europoort), towards the Maasvlakte expansion into the sea, visiting the visitor centre, visiting the Slufter waste/nature area and Maasvlakte beach, continuing along the Oostvoornse meer, visiting the historical town of Brielle, returning through the polder landscape of the Hoeksche Waard.

Fee: €45