Ecocity World Summit Declaration and Values

Ecocity World Summit Declaration and Values

Ecocity considers these values to be general guidelines that inform and support the way in which an organization should set about fulfilling its mission. In their turn, principles may be just one element in a structured set of ideas that collectively define and guide the organization, from values through to actions and results.

Ecocity World Summit Declaration and Values

An ecocity is an ecologically healthy city. Into the deep future, the cities in which we live must enable people to thrive in harmony with nature and achieve sustainable development. People-oriented, ecocity development requires the comprehensive understanding of complex interactions between environmental, economic, political and socio-cultural factors based on ecological principles. Cities, towns and villages should be designed to enhance the health and quality of life of their inhabitants and maintain the ecosystems on which they depend.

Ecocity development integrates vision, citizen initiative, public administration, ecologically efficient industry, people’s needs and aspirations, harmonious culture, and landscapes where nature, agriculture and the built environment are functionally integrated in a healthy way.

Building fair, healthy, economically vibrant, and inclusive cities and regions through education, participatory urban research, planning analysis, and design.

Continual exploration of the ethical boundaries of design activism and planning action, ensuring that clients and community partners are an integral part of both research and practice.

Creating a welcoming environment for learning, teaching, research, and work that embraces and respects diversity.

Being a locus for the exchange of ideas and collaborations with professionals, policy-makers, community-based organizations, and research partners.

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